Tiger Tiger

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Black 100% cotton shirt with white screen printed image. Available in sizes up to 3XL. Postage free in UK and £2 in Europe for 1 or 2 shirts, £7 in rest of the world for 1 or 2 shirts. Free postage anywhere in the world for orders of 3 or more shirts. 

The Tiger tank was one of the most feared and potent weapons of World War 2. Such was its potency and the fear it generated that it achieved a reputation of invincibility and was responsible for "Tiger Fever" when any German tank was wrongly identified as a Tiger often causing panic in Allied forces. 

It carried the mighty 88mm gun and boasted heavy armour so much so that in an early encounter in North Africa 8 rounds fired from a 75mm anti-tank gun from 50 yards simply bounced off it.

But it was not invincible as the allies developed new tanks to counter the German armour and its sheer size and weight caused problems.

The poetry below the image (which seems totally apt) is of course "The Tyger" by William Blake published in 1794

Below watch Tiger 131 at Bovington Tank Museum on manoeuvres -