Summer Solstice Archery Experience Tuesday 21st June 5pm until Wednesday 22nd June 11am

Regular price £100.00

5pm until 11am next morning including Dinner and Breakfast ( I am an accomplished chef) cooked on a Medieval Fire, drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic and hot drinks), a tent and bed for the night and an evening and morning of medieval archery and axe throwing. We might even fit in some HEMA sword fighting.

A maximum of 8 people. You will need to bring sleeping bags (but everything else Pillows and mattresses) will be provided. Toilet and washing facilities are available.

Food will be plentiful and vegetarian options are available. There are two tents available - an 8 person canvas tent and a 4 person Saxon Viking tent. Both are robust and weatherproof and warm. Furs will be given out for your comfort.

Alcohol in the form of mead, ale and whisky will be included. we will also be able to play some traditional Viking games. The Hair of the dog is optional.

The evening will finish around midnight with the chance to shoot a fire arrow.

please feel free to dress for the occasion.


What could possibly go ……………

A full refund is available up until 5 days prior to the event.

There will of course be prizes available to the best archer, axe thrower and consumer of alcohol…….