Charge of the Scot's Greys

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  Black 100% cotton shirt with white and red printed image. Available in sizes up to 4XL. Postage free in UK and £2 in Europe for 1 or 2 shirts, £7 in rest of the world for 1 or 2 shirts. Free postage anywhere in the world for orders of 3 or more shirts. 
The wonderful shirt image is an edited version of the 1881 painting "Scotland Forever" by Lady Butler depicting the Charge of the Royal Scot's Greys at the battle of Waterloo.
During the afternoon the Royal Scot's Greys joined the rest of the allied Heavy Brigade in an attempt to relieve Allied forces under tremendous pressure. Since they were attacking through their own infantry the charge was in fact more of a walk or trot than a full blown charge but one suspects that " The trot of the Scot's Greys" would not have quite the same impact.  Nevertheless the charge  initially had the desired effect resulting in the capture of one of the two French eagle standards captured at Waterloo.