Our Shirts



Our shirts are good quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton with double stitching and taped collars. They are classic fit - meaning they are certainly not body hugging and also not too baggy. The shirts are designed to suit a variety of body shapes.

They have been expertly printed by the fine people at 3rd rail clothing based in South London.

We have taken time to ensure the quality of our shirts and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did in creating them.

Our shirts are not just lovely designs (well we think so) but are intended to evoke a rich and extraordinary story so with each shirt we will include an A5 flyer telling a very small snippet of the story on that shirt.  We hope you will use the wonderful resource of the internet to explore the story of the image on your shirt. You may need to, since people will certainly enquire about the striking images. Of course we appreciate that there are thousands of people out there who have a far deeper knowledge of the shirt subject matter than we can put on a small flyer. In that case enjoy the shirt and share your passion with others.

Watch "Frog of WAR" being printed - 

Our shirts have been made to last so take care of your shirt, follow the laundry instructions and it will stay in good shape and last you a long time. This is standard care for 100% cotton clothing but just to remind you...............

Wash at 40 degrees centigrade or below  

    Do not tumble dry - dry naturally flat or on a hanger.

Do not directly Iron the printed surfaces. Iron the printed surfaces through a damp towel or from inside out.

Do not dry clean