Thursdays - Orkney Medieval Archery and Axe throwing Experience - Thursdays 3 hours

Regular price £45.00

We are able to offer this Archery and Axe throwing experience on any day of the week - just call Glen on 07866 722909 to discuss.

This is a 3 hour Thursday afternoon (2pm - 5pm) Medieval hands on Archery and Axe Throwing experience from £30.00 per person. This experience is for adults and young people Over 12yrs of age only and young people up to the age of 16 will NOT be able to use the crossbow - this is UK law). 

Hosted by a qualified UK archery instructor with a long and passionate interest in historical archery this is a fun, relaxed and informative 2 hour session.  There will be a sheltered area in case of showers. 

Prorective equipment ( arm guards, shooting gloves and finger tabs) will be provided.

There will be a short introduction and safety instruction and then you will be able to shoot targets up to 50 metres with all of these authentic bows matched to your own strength and expertise.

The group will be up to 12 people maximum so you will receive personal tuition from A qualified ARCHERY GB instructor. Even for the absolute beginner you can expect, by the end of the session, to be hitting a variety of targets from 50 metres away.

These bows are available to each person and you will be matched with your own bow suited to your size and power.

- English Longbow

- Mongolian Horse Bow

- Medieval Crossbow

At the end and after the session you will also be able to have a go with a full weight English Warbow with war arrows, a Japanese Yumi Bow (used by the Samurai) and a replica Viking Hedeby Bow.

You will also be able to take part in Axe Throwing using Francisca throwing axes - these were the tribal weapon of the Franks 6th - 9th  century and further. Also used by Anglo Saxons and Vikings.

We will be giving away as prizes some of our beautiful t shirts to aspiring Robin Hoods.

We also have a small discrete shop selling our shirts, Jewellry, knives and historical flags.

Directions - We are based at Loch House, Burray KW172SU. We have an 8 acre site next to Echna  Loch. Look for our signs and flags.

Cancellation policy - it is Orkney right! - it’s got weather  💨 🌧 so we will accept cancellations with a full refund up to 24 hours before the scheduled event. After that we are able to offer a full refund at our discretion. We will also be able to reschedule any booked experience.

We are able to offer this and longer experiences at other times including food to groups of 4 -12 people on other days not scheduled here Please call Glen on 07866 722909