Design your own Medieval Archery and Axe throwing Experience

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If you wish to create your own bespoke Medieval Experience you can. You can arrange this at extremely short notice (same day) or plan a team building or party or community activity in advance for up to 20 people. We will offer a discount for groups over 8 people. 😀

We are situated at Loch House ,Burray KW17 2SU overlooking Echna Loch and Scapa Flow.

Once you have chosen or if you require assistance please call me - Glen on 07866 722909

What do we offer - Tuition and theatre from a qualified ARCHERY GB instructor with authentic Medieval weaponry. You will receive personal tuition and by the end of the session, you can expect to be hitting targets 50 metres away and shooting your bow over 150 metres.

We have a full range of bows and equipment suitable for people of all strengths.

- Before your session begins there is A 15 minute introduction including Health and Safety, rules of the range and some short warm up exercises followed by a demonstration with an English Warbow 🏹 

And then all of these are available by the hour.

-Axe throwing using Francisca throwing Axes - throwing angels (for young people) 🪓 🎯

- Longbow Archery with the English Longbow - draw weights from 20lb to 50lb and hand made goose feather arrows - targets, distance shooting or archery golf (roving) 🏹 ⛳️ 

- Target based Crossbow shooting  🎯

- Lunch and snacks and drinks - your choice of menu cooked on a medieval fire pit 🔥🍱🫕🥘🦴

- Target and long distance shooting with a variety of pull weights with a Mongolian Horse Bow. 🏹🐴

-Making and shooting a Fire Arrow  🔥 🏹  see if you can hit and ignite the thatched roof

-Archery Golf (roving) 

Any of the above are available for a minimum of 2 hours and a minimum of 2 people for

£10.00 per hour per person in April and October

£12.50 per hour per person  in May and September 

£15.00 per hour per person in June, July and August

 - so an hour of Longbow shooting + 1 hour of Axe throwing + lunch for a group of 6 people in May will cost £225.00 teas, coffees, soft drinks, Viking cake and prizes included.

call Glen on 07866 722909 for more information